If you have missed mortgage payments or it looks like that may happen soon, you probably have learned your options include:


  • Modification of loan and other relief available through Federal and State programs;

  • Short sale; or

  • Foreclosure.


But you may not understand how these options fit your situation and you may not have considered these questions:


  • Will I owe the bank after a short sale or foreclosure?

  • How will this impact my credit history?

  • What are the tax implications?                               


I offer a consultation that answers these questions, helps you understand your options and helps you develop a clear and practical plan to minimize your liability.

The consultation consists of:


1. My staff leading you through a 5 to 10 minute telephone intake process to obtain basic information about your situation, so I can to start formulating my advice.

2. Obtaining from a title company and review applicable deeds and deeds of trust.

3. You and I meet (typically about an1 hour) to:

a. learn the facts and circumstances unique to your situation; and

b. give you legal recommendations and advice to develop a plan of action.

4. After the meeting, I send you (within 3 to 5 days) a detailed letter that shows my recommendations and your options.

I encourage my clients to use this letter as a tool to guide them through the process. I encourage clients to share this letter with the other professionals (real estate agents and CPAs) assisting them in the process.

Flat Fee for Consult: $400 payable by check or cash at the consult meeting.


If you are interested, please contact my office at (530) 668-1515.Usually, a meeting is set within 3 to 5 business days


Phone: 530-668-1515 
Fax: 530-668-1651 

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