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Addressing problems before they arise is usually more efficient and cost-effective than waiting until a dispute has exploded to look for a solution.  However, if you are already involved in a dispute, you need an attorney who can help you find legal solutions.  When clients contact my firm, they find an experienced lawyer who collaborates with clients to simplify and resolve legal matters.


When it is possible, I work to prevent disputes at the front end, so we are able to avoid unnecessary litigation down the road.  Because I have more than 30 years of litigation experience, I know where road blocks may arise, and if we are unable to avoid them, I offer clients the legal counsel they need.  I work with individuals and businesses to provide the resolution and closure needed to move on with their lives.


I have experience assisting businesses with matters that arise at every step of the business cycle from start up to the sale of a business.  From the formation of entities and drafting and reviewing contracts, to resolving business disputes and collecting business debt, I help my clients find the effective solutions they need. 

CALL OR TEXT 530-668-1515 to schedule your free initial consultation and begin working toward the resolution you need.

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