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Car Accidents are often frightening and traumatic. You may be in pain, worry about your car and medical bills, or not know how to navigate potential lawsuits. What should you do after a car accident?

The first thing you should do, after seeking medical attention, is call an attorney like us. The sooner you start the process, the faster we can get you help. We can start the process of collecting evidence, contact the insurance companies, and start the claims process. 

Attorney Frank Crum is dedicated to guiding you through the legal process. Frank will sit down with you and take as much time as he needs to understand your story. Often, he will visit the accident scene to help pull evidence together. We work to keep you well informed and help you through the healing process.


With over fifteen years of experience working for insurance companies, he knows how to tell your story to them and get the compensation you deserve. 

CALL OR TEXT us for a free consultation of your case at 530-668-1515. 

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